A Closer Look at the Features and Functions of Apple's Face Computer

 Apple's Vision Pro, a face computer, has been unveiled by the tech giant. However, the device's features, including the ability to manipulate large spreadsheets and relive experiences through immersive videos, failed to impress some observers. The company also demonstrated how the device can be used for entertainment purposes, including virtual web surfing and watching movies. The Vision Pro will not be available in the US until early 2022, and it is recommended that customers visit an Apple store to have it fitted properly.

The tech industry has been investing billions of dollars into developing devices like virtual reality goggles and face computers, such as the $3,499 Vision Pro introduced by Apple. However, sales figures show that TV antennas are outselling face computers. While it may not be a big deal now, companies like Apple, Meta, Snap, and Microsoft are betting on face computers being the primary way people use the internet in the future. The question is whether consumers can look past the current technical limitations and envision a future where face computers replace smartphones. The real shortcoming of face computers is not technical specifications, but the lack of imagination from companies in creating compelling use cases that make consumers excited about the possibilities. The office work and entertainment scenarios presented by Apple for the Vision Pro may seem compelling, but also sad and lonely.

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