Blind Women in India Use Sense of Touch to Detect Breast Cancer

 But now, as a trainee in a unique scheme in India, she is using her heightened tactile abilities to help detect breast cancer. The scheme, run by the non-profit organisation Sightsavers, trains visually impaired women to conduct clinical breast examinations using touch alone.

Breast cancer is a common condition in India, with over 160,000 women dying from the disease each year. However, many women are reluctant to seek medical attention due to cultural taboos and fear of the examination process. By training visually impaired women to conduct the examinations, Sightsavers hopes to increase access to screening and reduce the stigma surrounding breast cancer.

The scheme has been successful in both benefiting patients and examiners. Patients report feeling more comfortable with the examinations conducted by the visually impaired women, who are able to put them at ease and provide a sense of empathy and understanding. Meanwhile, the trainees themselves have gained a sense of purpose and confidence in their abilities.

The power of touch has proven to be a valuable tool in the fight against breast cancer in India. By harnessing the unique skills of visually impaired women, Sightsavers is helping to save lives and break down barriers to healthcare access.
طلحة عبد الكريم
By : طلحة عبد الكريم
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