Expand your plant-based cooking beyond seasonal limitations.

Hetty Lui McKinnon is offering you the opportunity to break free from the constraints of seasonality, which can sometimes feel like an imposition or a luxury. The idea that certain fruits and vegetables should only be consumed during specific times of the year can be limiting, and McKinnon believes that it's better to eat what's available than to go without vegetables for months on end. During a recent Zoom call from her home in Brooklyn, she emphasized the importance of eating vegetables year-round.

While it's ideal to eat locally and seasonally if possible, McKinnon recognizes that this isn't always feasible. She encourages readers to seek out fresh produce wherever they can find it, whether that's at a farmers market or a supermarket. In her new book, "Tenderheart," she devotes a chapter to each of her favorite vegetables, including carrots, broccoli, celery, potatoes, greens, and tomatoes. Rather than taking a purist approach to these ingredients, she celebrates their versatility and encourages readers to experiment with them in their cooking.

For example, in the chapter on tomatoes, McKinnon writes about her love for the fruit during the summer months. However, she also acknowledges that she still enjoys the bland, oversized tomatoes of her childhood. Ultimately, she believes that the most important thing is to eat vegetables regularly, regardless of the time of year or where they come from.
 It may seem like a chapter on peas would only be appropriate for spring, but Hetty Lui McKinnon disagrees. With frozen peas available year-round and snow peas appearing in supermarkets for many months, she encourages readers to enjoy them whenever they can. In her cookbook "Tenderheart," McKinnon emphasizes the versatility of vegetables and encourages experimentation in the kitchen. Her Thai Curry Snow Pea Stir-Fry recipe uses jarred curry paste to add flavor quickly and easily. McKinnon's love of pantry items is evident in her Plant Powered II newsletter and she encourages readers to adapt her recipes to suit their own tastes and ingredients. By focusing on the principles and goals of a recipe rather than exact instructions, home cooks can experience a taste of freedom in their cooking.
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