"Israel has invented a new device to assist pregnant women."

 An Israeli invention allows pregnant women to use an at-home ultrasound device that uses ultrasound waves to analyze the fetus's condition without going to the clinic or hospital

This device works to improve the health of both the mother and the fetus, as it measures the fetal heart rate, movement, blood pressure, and oxygen level in the blood. Additionally, the device allows the mother to make emergency calls and communicate with doctors more quickly. The device is being developed in collaboration between an Israeli and American company and is expected to be launched in markets next year.

 The new device sends images and results to a mobile phone, which is then analyzed by the doctor. The company, PulseNmore, says that one of the most common reasons pregnant women go to emergency departments is due to feeling that the fetus's movements have stopped or that it is in distress. The new device allows them to ensure the fetus's safety by communicating with the doctor without the need to go to the hospital. The company provides women with precise instructions on a simple method for using the device, which can be used from the 14th week of pregnancy. The company is currently distributing the device to women enrolled in Kupat Holim health fund. Professor Elazar Zelzer, head of the development team, said that the company plans to develop similar devices that will be able to diagnose kidneys and heart conditions. The company has also contracted with the large American medical technology company GE to market the device globally, after receiving approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for its use.

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