Sheikh Jassim's Last Bid for Manchester United Takeover: Acceptance or Withdrawal

Qatar’s Sheikh Jassim has submitted his fifth and final bid for Manchester United, offering $7.5bn for 100% of the club, which would clear its debt and provide additional funding for player, infrastructure and other investment needs. Sheikh Jassim has given the Glazer family until Friday to accept his bid or he will walk away from the takeover process. The Glazers took control of Manchester United in 2005 and confirmed in November that they were exploring potential financial investment in, or an outright sale of, the Premier League club.08:55 PM

our social-impact initiatives, is a way to engage with fans and communities in a way that is meaningful and lasting,” McClory said.

It remains to be seen whether Sheikh Jassim's final bid for Manchester United will be accepted by the Glazer family, or if other investors like Brera Holdings will play a role in the club's future. But one thing is clear: as one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world, Manchester United will continue to attract attention and investment from around the globe.08:57 PM

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