These Pancakes Get a Boost of Nutrition and a Green Hue from Matcha.

 These stunning green pancakes are not only visually appealing, but also offer a boost of health benefits and a lovely tea flavor. The vibrant green hue is achieved by whisking matcha, a fine powder made from ground green tea leaves, into the batter. Unlike steeped tea, matcha incorporates the whole tea leaf, resulting in intense flavor, brilliant color, and a concentration of catechins, which are health-protective active compounds found in tea.

Matcha has been used in Japan for centuries and has now become popular worldwide. It is commonly found in baked goods, including muffins and macarons, and is also a menu standard at upscale coffee shops in the form of a matcha latte.

These pancakes bring the power of matcha into the realm of healthier breakfast options. A tablespoon of matcha powder whisked into a simple batter made with whole-grain and almond flours creates a stunning and delicious short stack. The pancakes are unsweetened but have a sweet essence from a generous spike of vanilla. They are best served with maple syrup for each person to drizzle to their liking.

To finish off this classic weekend breakfast with a modern twist, top the pancakes with fresh strawberries and toasted almonds for a contrasting crunch.
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