"Media Workshop Explores the Intersection of Populism and Modernity"

The media foundation of Tripoli, the capital of the north, in partnership with the International Academy for Training and Research, organized an interactive workshop titled "Media between Populism and Modernity." The workshop was presented by the General Director of the Academy, Dr. Mahmoud Jaafar.

The workshop, which took place on Saturday and Sunday, January 10th and 11th, 2022, covered important key points that should be the foundation for every journalist and media professional. It included topics such as how to create a positive mental image in the minds of the audience about any institution, especially media institutions. It also discussed journalistic editing and news production, ethics of the media profession, ethical interaction between media institutions, commonly used linguistic and grammatical fallacies, the role of digital media in influencing and transforming into persuasive authority, and finally, a special focus on education and legal awareness for those working in the media. This aimed to understand the boundaries that should not be crossed and the proper response to violations through the power of the law.

There was also a special appearance via Zoom with the President of the Tripoli Media Foundation and website, Mr. Omar Assi. He greeted the trainees and explained the dimensions of this course, which revolves around producing genuine media awareness. He emphasized that the training journey is ongoing and will be conducted regularly to enhance skills. This was followed by a speech from trainer Dr. Mahmoud Jaafar, in which he highlighted the importance of correcting misconceptions and fallacies that have become widely circulated. He considered that the training journey will not stop due to joint efforts between the Tripoli Media Foundation, the International Academy for Training and Research because the ultimate goal is to reach a media capable of serving society and developing its scientific directions and paths.

Trainees also had the opportunity to provide their input during the workshop, expressing their appreciation for the skills they acquired and thanking the organizers for providing them with this opportunity. They expressed their hope for the establishment of higher levels of training to enhance their knowledge.

طلحة عبد الكريم
By : طلحة عبد الكريم
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