Mothers Tend to Lean Democratic, Challenging Republican Party's Appeal to Parents

Republicans often claim to be the party of parents, but data suggests that mothers, in particular, tend to lean more towards the Democratic Party. According to the 2021 General Social Survey (GSS), individuals without children are 32 points more likely to identify as Democrats than Republicans, with most of them identifying as liberal Democrats. Among parents with children under 18, the gap narrows slightly, but they are still 22 points more likely to be Democrats than Republicans. Only parents with at least one child over 17 have a relatively equal party identification, with a slight preference for conservative Republicans over liberal Democrats by nine percentage points. Age plays a significant role in these differences, as older Americans are more likely to be Republicans or conservatives. Gender also factors into the equation, with women, including those with adult children, being more likely to be Democrats than Republicans. Among men, those with adult children are more likely to be Republicans. The data also aligns with analysis from Chartbeat, which found that dissatisfaction with schools is driven more by individuals without children in school rather than parents. Overall, the data suggests that while the Republican Party may aim to appeal to parents, it is primarily the party of older fathers rather than mothers.

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