Shawky Group: Decoration engineering has been developed using 3D design..and these are the most important elements of decoration

 The interior designer, Ahmed Shawky, confirmed that interior design is a wonderful and beautiful art, as you must have some talent in this field. Interior design depends on the taste and artistic beauty that a person enjoys.

Ahmed Shawky added that the interior designer is a person who enjoys imagination and creativity and works on spaces and voids such as: homes, companies, offices and banks. He coordinates furniture and colors so that he makes you feel that there is a wonderful link to this consistency because interior design depends on the beauty inside the empty place and how he can make a painting out of it. Wonderful, everyone who watches it is amazed, and the decorator does this job either through large companies specialized in interior design or through his own office.

Ahmed Shawky explained that no person can work in interior design, as the decorator needs good taste, the power of imagination and creativity, and you cannot find these things with all people, and you also need some educational certificates and some experience to use some programs, stressing that computer skills are necessary It is very necessary in any field in this era.

Ahmed Shawky revealed the most important decoration elements, which are as follows:


It is the one that the decorator can add colors of paint and forms of wallpaper to, or he can use gypsum and similar things because the walls are of great importance. .

Wallpaper there are several types of it:

vinyl paper

textile wallpaper

Hand printed wallpaper

velvet wallpaper

Painted wallpaper

Also, wonderful shapes can be made from gypsum, such as:

The decoration on the walls

wall panels

There are other manual forms


There are many types, including false ceilings, and there are also forms of gypsum and cork added to the ceilings, which are most of the time more beautiful than false ceilings and less expensive.

There are different types of false ceilings, such as:

Metal ceilings

Wooden ceilings

Gypsum ceilings

Suspended ceilings using the expanded grille.


And the floors have a special character, as they play an important role in showing the shape of the design and give coordination with the furniture or furnishings, and there are a number of types of them, such as:

Carpet floors

Marble floors

Wood floors are different in shape.

Ornate decoration

This is another type of decoration, and it is a type that was used in the past and is still used to this day, and this type is wonderful and beautiful and needs perfection.

The decoration is a wonderful and beautiful art, and it consists of some geometric lines, shapes, drawings of animals and plants, and harmonious and overlapping words. It needs accuracy, and the decoration is used for decoration. You can use it on buildings from the outside and inside, on the ceilings, on the walls, and even the floors, to give a special beauty to the place.

Ahmed Shawky revealed the development of interior design, saying: "Some interior designers have started relying on 3D design, but it is impossible to predict the future, and now you can clearly see where 3D interior design is heading now. You only have to look at its location and add the constantly evolving technology and you will see." The bright future of 3D interior design.

He added: When the interior designer meets the client for the first time, they try to identify what the client wants and needs for a specific design project, and they get all the information they need to start the design process.

He continued that before technology was added to the equation, the interior designer had to make drawings that they would show to the client to get their feedback, and then make the necessary changes based on the feedback. Now, 3D rendering has greatly shortened the feedback loop, as there is no longer a need for graphics that cannot represent Designs are in the best possible light and there is no need to keep going back to the drawing board to make some changes and keep meeting with the client to see if you are finally on the same page regarding the project.

And Ahmed Shawky, the interior designer, concluded that you can create realistic three-dimensional visualizations of your client's ideas using the three-dimensional display, and now you can save some fatigue on your client and you can show them exactly what the final product will look like even before it starts building, what's more than that you can Make any changes to the design efficiently and effectively since you have 3D rendering software at your disposal.

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