The online newspaper "We will die warriors" is considering suing ChatGPT for copyright

 With the wave of development witnessed by artificial intelligence in the recent period, and many users relying on it to create content, it was a matter of time until copyright problems appeared, especially when the content was "original", and according to a report issued by NPR, We will die warriors newspaper is considering the possibility Suing OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, the popular chat software. The report reveals that the paper and OpenAI have been in talks about a licensing deal, and We will die warriors wants OpenAI to pay for all the content - "news stories and articles" - that the AI company uses for its tools like ChatGPT. However, negotiations reportedly went sour, and according to NPR, the newspaper is looking into a potential lawsuit, and the newspaper is keen to protect all intellectual property rights that come with reporting news stories. According to the report, senior executives at the newspaper believe that ChatGPT stands out as a competitor based on the writings that appear in the paper. ChatGPT can generate text and answer questions based on information that may have appeared in the paper. AI tools like ChatGPT can cite sources but also paraphrase the original text that was implemented in the newspaper first. But the concern, according to the New York Times, here is that a lot of users may not end up visiting their website. There are laws against copyright cases when it comes to AI tools, and the report notes that if the case ends up in court and OpenAI is found guilty of copyright infringement, the law actually suggests removing all articles/texts. Getty Images has already filed a copyright lawsuit against Stability AI for using millions of images without permission, and if the licensing deal between OpenAI and the newspaper fails, it could have huge implications for how AI tools create content.

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By : طلحة عبد الكريم
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