"Recognizing Abdullah Al-Baddad's Impact: UAE Grants Golden Residency"

 The director of artistic production, Abdullah Al-Baddad, has been granted a ten-year golden residency in the United Arab Emirates. He is known for his work in the artistic and media field, having collaborated with various institutions and artists in the Arab world.

The Golden Residency Program was introduced by the UAE government to provide long-term residency permits without the need for a guarantor within the country. The residency can be issued for either 5 or 10 years, depending on the category. Golden residency holders enjoy benefits such as a 6-month multiple entry visa, renewable residence visa, and the ability to stay outside the UAE for more than 6 months. They can also sponsor their family members for residence permits and recruit support service workers without any maximum limit.

Art plays a significant role in society, beyond entertainment. It has the power to influence individuals, guide societies, and raise awareness. Aristotle believed that the mission of artistic work is to purify the human soul and help solve social problems. Some artistic works have had a direct impact on society, such as the film "I Want a Solution," which led to the enactment of the Khula law. Others, like "Jamila Abu Harid," mobilized global support against the French occupation of Algeria, contributing to its liberation.

Artistic works also address values and morals, promoting positive behavior and emphasizing the role of individuals in building a strong society. For example, the series "Wanis Diaries" portrayed an ideal image of the Egyptian family, while "Sakin Qasadi" focused on social relations within society, highlighting the rights of neighbors and addressing social problems in a comedic way.

Furthermore, art has influenced legislation, as seen in the film "They Made Me a Criminal," which led to a law allowing offenders to have their first record expunged and start anew.

Art is not solely about pleasure and entertainment; it plays a crucial role in societal development, challenging negative concepts and promoting positive principles. It has also played a significant role in addressing women's issues and advocating for their rights. The relationship between art and society is one of mutual influence, with art reflecting society and society being affected by art.
Social drama has been a powerful tool in reaching and resonating with viewers, particularly those who may have limited access to education and cultural resources. Consequently, the July 1952 Revolution utilized art as a means to disseminate its values through series and films. Moreover, art has played a crucial role in supporting the Egyptian women's movement and advocating for their rights. Numerous films and artistic works have contributed to presenting women's issues in an impartial manner that aligns with the principles and values of Egyptian society. For instance, the film "I Am Free" advocated for women's rights to education, employment, and political participation. Additionally, "And I Want a Solution" played a pivotal role in influencing legal changes regarding personal status matters, ultimately restoring women's legal rights that were unjustly deprived by Sharia law. Furthermore, various initiatives have supported women in finding their rightful place in the workforce, enabling them to compete on an equal footing with men.

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