Senate announces temporary funding agreement to prevent government shutdown, but fate uncertain in House.

Senate Democrats and Republicans have reached a temporary funding agreement that would keep the government running for six weeks. The deal includes additional funding for Ukraine and domestic disaster relief. However, the agreement still needs to go through various procedural steps before it can be fully approved by the Senate. After that, it will move to the House, where its fate is uncertain. The short-term deal, known as a continuing resolution, provides $4.49 billion for the Defense Department's efforts in Ukraine, as well as $1.65 billion in extra funding for the war-torn country until September 30, 2025. These funds fall significantly short of the White House's request for $20.6 billion in Ukraine funding. Nevertheless, if the plan becomes law, Congress will likely pursue additional funding for Ukraine later this year. Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer stated that the bill will maintain current funding levels for the government while addressing Ukraine's security needs and providing resources for natural disaster victims across the country. The issue of U.S. funding for Ukraine has divided Republicans in Congress and created a clash between the House and Senate as they try to avoid a government shutdown. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy argued that funding for Ukraine should be addressed separately rather than included in a stopgap bill. He emphasized the need to prioritize challenges within the United States, particularly border security.
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