The success of Albanian chef Ismet Shehu in Britain


The artist Shady Aslan joined the heroes of the series “The Night and the One in It,” the second part consisting of 6 episodes, which is expected to be shown during the coming period on one of the platforms.

Aslan indicated in a press release that he presents the character of an Egyptian officer who appears during the events of the famous Dinshawai incident, in a context of action and suspense.

 Director Mohamed Fadel had made it clear that the series “The Crying Laughter” would not be a biography of the late artist Naguib Al-Rihani, but rather a work that embodies the events that took place in Egypt during a period of time starting from 1910 until 1949. He revealed that “the work will include the events of the 1919 Revolution.” And the period of Sayyed Darwish, the period of World War I, and also World War II, through the character of Najib Al-Rihani and other characters.”

 Amr Abdel Galil, Firdous Abdel Hamid, Hager El Sharnouby, and Mohamed Suleiman are participating in the series “The Crying Laughter,” and the rest of its heroes are under contract, written by Mohamed El Ghaity, and directed by Mohamed Fadel.

Tonight series and what's in it

When the man she is having an affair with dies in her home, the wife forces Rasha to hide his body from her husband and resort to methods that make her vulnerable to blackmail and fear.

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By : طلحة عبد الكريم
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