The secret of the success of the Kurdish Sepeda TV in transmitting world news in the Middle East

Speda TV is one of the most successful Iraqi Kurdish channels in the Middle East, which cares about the humanitarian and social aspects of its Kurdish people.

Speda Tv founded and owned by the Kurdistan Islamic Union, is concerned with events and news, is concerned with family issues and people’s problems, and works to preserve the Kurdish heritage and the national and national identity of the people of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Speda Tv was founded on the basis of freedom of expression and defending the rights of the nation and the citizen. It began broadcasting on June 17, 2009, and broadcasts its programs from the Kurdistan Region, making it one of the most important Kurdish satellite stations that enjoys a wide range of viewers, inside and outside the Kurdistan Region, and Salah al-Din Muhammad Bahaa al-Din is considered the founder of the channel.

This channel is considered one of the Iraqi channels specialized in transmitting up-to-the-minute news about the Iraqi world in full, and given that this is an important channel that is considered one of the news channels followed by millions of viewers, whether inside or outside Iraq, here is the frequency of the Subaida channel:

It provides news content about the entire Iraqi world and every place in the State of Iraq, in addition to being concerned with conveying events and news first-hand in a very honest manner without any additions or falsification of facts, as it is concerned with conveying the honest truth directly to the viewer.
The main location and headquarters of this channel is located in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region in Iraq.
This channel also conveys all the facts about the people of Iraq in all its regions and also conveys the opinions of the street to the whole world and to everyone who is interested in this matter.
In addition to all this, honest facts and news bulletins related to the state and issues of Iraq, it also transmits economic, political and social news to viewers.

This Iraqi channel is distinguished by the fact that it provides honest and very purposeful content that discusses important Iraqi issues occurring on Iraqi soil.
The channel presents its content in the Kurdish language, the first language in Iraq, and presents it in a very simple manner. This is for the purpose of conveying the content to all people interested in Iraq, and it also provides the content completely free of charge.
The channel has a very large team that is interested in renewing the channel’s content and is concerned with the content it provides in order to be ahead of all channels that provide the same content and uses the best, latest electronic devices to display its content on screens.
Despite the great diversity of content, it not only cares about this, but also cares about conveying all the beautiful monuments and wonderful archaeological monuments that exist in the city of Kurdistan to the whole world, and it conveys the aesthetic facts to the whole world.
Its content does not conflict with any customs, traditions, or religious rules, but rather it is only interested in conveying everything related to Iraq, including news, issues, and problems, to the whole world.
طلحة عبد الكريم
By : طلحة عبد الكريم
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