After his dog's death, he adopted numerous elderly canines.

 Steve Greig experienced immense sadness when his beloved dog, Wolfgang, was tragically killed in a car accident. Unable to cope with the loss, Greig decided to visit a shelter and adopt a senior dog that was at risk of being euthanized. He believed that by giving a senior dog a chance at life, it would bring purpose to Wolfgang's death.

The decision to adopt a senior dog proved to be a healing experience for Greig. He initially adopted Eeyore, who lived with him for six years until the age of 19. Within three months of bringing Eeyore home, Greig adopted more senior dogs, and it became a pattern that continued over the years. Currently, Greig shares his home with 11 senior dogs.

Greig's mission is to provide the best end-of-life experience for these senior canines. When one of his dogs passes away, he honors their memory by adopting another senior dog. He believes that sleeping with his dogs, often seven or more at a time, is the best feeling in the world.

Greig's home in downtown Denver allows him to have more than three dogs due to pet exceptions in the zoning regulations. In addition to his dogs, he has also rescued a 13-year-old pig named Bikini, four chickens, two rabbits, one duck, and a turkey.

Despite the challenges that come with caring for older animals, Greig finds fulfillment in providing them with love and care during their final years. He prefers to have around nine dogs at a time but will make exceptions for senior dogs in need. The length of time each dog spends with him varies depending on their condition and age.

Greig acknowledges that losing his pets is heartbreaking, but he takes solace in knowing that they had the best possible end-of-life experience. His current pack of dogs includes Onion, Maytag, Mr. Magoo, Fernando, Willamena, Cat, Juanita, Chalmer, Raylene, Festus, and Loretta. Each dog has their own unique personality, and Greig cherishes the opportunity to have them in his life.

Greig changes the names of most of the dogs he takes in, believing that dogs associate their names with their owners rather than themselves. He finds it not confusing for them when he renames them. Greig has a routine to keep track of each dog's schedule, including medication and feeding times. When everything is going smoothly and they are in a routine, it works seamlessly for him.

One example is a diabetic dog that requires food and insulin every 12 hours. Despite caring for multiple senior dogs, Greig claims that it is less work than one might expect. He engages them in group activities such as movie nights and car rides to keep them entertained. Additionally, he ensures each dog receives individual attention and quality time. Greig documents his daily life with senior dogs on his popular Instagram page, which has amassed over 1 million followers.

Greig hopes to inspire others to consider adopting senior pets who would otherwise have their lives cut short. He believes that once you adopt a senior dog, you will fall in love with them. Many people have informed him over the years that they were motivated by his example to adopt older or medically compromised dogs. In collaboration with author Mary Rand Hess, Greig published a children's book called "The One and Only Wolfgang" in 2019. The book tells his story of rescuing the most "unadoptable" animals and aims to convey the message to children that old is just as valuable as new if someone loves you.

Due to the recognition of Greig's Instagram account in the animal rescue community, rescue organizations reach out to him with photos of dogs in need of homes. Lisa Letson, the founder of True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission in Venice, Fla., praises Greig's contributions. Her organization saves senior and unwanted dogs from kill shelters, rescuing around 600 to 700 animals annually. Letson emphasizes that senior dogs have an abundance of love to offer and encourages people to adopt them, as they improve one's life.

A few months ago, Letson rescued a stray miniature pinscher in Miami that often sought refuge at a local laundromat. The dog is estimated to be between 10 and 15 years old and was unwanted by anyone. Letson contacted Greig, asking if he could accommodate another dog. Unable to refuse, Greig named the new addition "Maytag" after the appliance company known for its laundry machines and fitting slogan: "What's inside matters." Seeing the dogs happy, even for a short time, brings Greig immense joy.

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