Fatima Kamal reveals skin problems and their solutions to get rid of wrinkles.

 Dr. Fatima Kamal, a beauty expert, emphasized that the field of skincare is vast and diverse, with many details that need to be understood. Each skin type has its own unique problems and treatments may vary accordingly.

She revealed the importance of treating skin problems and not neglecting them, as neglecting skin problems can make them difficult to effectively treat. The field of skincare has become more advanced, with the emergence of many modern and advanced techniques that can treat various issues that women may face as they age or as a result of rapid weight loss, or even acne during adolescence. Dr. Fatima Kamal further discussed various skin problems, stating that excessive facial hair is a problem faced by many women of different ages, causing embarrassment. However, there is now a permanent solution to this problem that completely prevents the appearance of facial hair. She confirmed that there are possible solutions to skincare problems without any surgery, such as treating wrinkles with botox and fillers, as well as treating dark circles, face lifting, and sagging with threads. As for the problem of excessive hair, Dr. Fatima Kamal revealed that it can be treated with laser sessions over consecutive periods, and it quickly disappears, leaving the face hair-free and clear. This is especially beneficial for women who interact with many people at work or for young girls in college. Dr. Fatima Kamal also explained that acne can be treated with creams and oral medications. She also mentioned that the effects of acne on the face and scars can be treated with laser and other advanced techniques. Dr. Fatima Kamal advised following a balanced diet because an increase in fats in food and consuming fast food negatively affects the face. It is important to consume fresh vegetables, fruits, and drink water throughout the day as water leads to facial freshness, skin elasticity, and beauty.
طلحة عبد الكريم
By : طلحة عبد الكريم
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