"Ali Mustafa": Challenge, Determination, and Breaking the Stagnation to Launch Brands

 The challenge is the starting point and a glimpse of insight in the birth of an idea for change and construction in the midst of difficult economic and social conditions, coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic and fierce wars in various parts of the world that led to comprehensive closures affecting people's lives, emotions, and aspirations for the future.

The state of stagnation put the entrepreneur and social influencer "Ali Mustafa" in a state of thinking and mental brainstorming supported by challenge and determination to move towards construction and continue giving to himself, his family, and his community through establishing his own project that is not affected by global crises in the midst of technological advancements and e-commerce.

Ali mentioned that in the first months of the COVID-19 crisis, he felt concerned about the decline in social and economic conditions at all levels and started to communicate with people, which made him seriously consider launching his project and brand in a field that he had not defined at that time. Despite not having a clear vision of the business activity he could engage in and succeed in, his ambition, based on determination, drove him towards the necessity of change at a glance.

Emotional support from friends

Ali consulted with his friends, who provided him with full moral support and encouraged him in his pursuit. He started inquiring with acquaintances who were business owners about how to create a brand. However, he did not find a clear path until he turned to a search engine and typed "how to create a brand." He was presented with dozens of options to deal with international companies to manufacture thousands of products in various fields. At this point, Ali had a form on one of these websites where he provided his phone number to a site specialized in manufacturing women's cosmetic materials and accessories, which was the field closest to him.

Ali ignored the matter for several weeks until he received a surprise message via WhatsApp from international companies specialized in manufacturing "eyelashes" and some cosmetic products. This led to a conversation about the products and their quality, requesting samples of raw materials and a number of models. He decided to manufacture 4 models named "Ghala, Haya, Ali, Mustafa" with a quantity of 200 products for local sale, a step that changed his life trajectory at a glance, leading him to name his brand "Nathra."

Sales through social media platforms

He added that the quantity was sold within one month through social media platforms, which prompted him to think about another product offered by the same company, the "eyeliner" pen. He ordered a quantity of the products and started researching other websites offering specialized cosmetic products.

He explained that this business development continued for several months as he communicated with companies to request samples and evaluate their quality. By early 2021, he had approved around 4 types of cosmetic products. He exhibited them at the Flornsa Center in Kalba City, Sharjah Emirate, as life began to return to normal. This phase marked the gradual realization of profits.

Global outlook

Ali Mustafa pointed out that with this gradual business development and a private brand, he started to establish his presence in the local market. This inspired him to enter markets through exhibitions showcasing cosmetic products from international brands. One exhibition at Al Manar Mall gave him an opportunity to showcase his products in March 2021. He saw the necessity to increase the number of products by contacting international companies and specified a range of varieties until they reached 8 products. This led to the opening of the first stand displaying Ali's products at the Beauty Couture exhibition in Al Manar Mall.

He stated that the UAE is an attractive and fertile market for all pioneering investments and commercial businesses, inspiring small to large projects due to its competitive purchasing power and its position as a regional commercial center.

"Nathra" - A glimpse of insight into change

He mentioned that launching his project "Nathra," specializing in cosmetic products in Ras Al Khaimah Emirate, came after studying the market, enhancing knowledge about products and manufacturing sources, consumer needs, as well as leveraging his talent as a social influencer and celebrity on social media.

He stated that his cosmetic trading project was named "Nathra," meaning "a glimpse of insight." The idea stemmed from the concept that anything can change for the better at a glance with determination, facing challenges with confidence and steadfastness towards achievement and excellence. Therefore, individuals should leverage their talents and capabilities to enhance their aspirations and start their own projects with available support.

He mentioned that he plans to launch a website dedicated to his brand, increase the number of cosmetic powders and accessories products to boost sales by up to 150% annually over three decreasing years as part of a strategic business growth plan.

My goal in the coming years

Mustafa confirmed that his goal over the next three years is to focus on price competitiveness and the quality of the products he offers to customers, adding that he is fully convinced today that customer trust is the sustainable capital that will contribute to sales and profits growth.

He concluded his investment story by stating that he has chosen Ras Al Khaimah as the headquarters for his brand, due to its supportive community for national ambitions, its growing economic capabilities, and its advantage in supporting emerging entrepreneurs.

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